Sarah Katz has worked in television and multimedia as a Producer, Shooter, Associate Producer, and Researcher for more than seventeen years. She recently joined the Marginal Revolution University, an economic policy center at George Mason University that produces educational videos. She is co-producing two feature-length documentary projects which are in development – a series about civil rights and a one-off about regional DC politics. She routinely produces news stories about American policy with foreign journalists as part of the US Department of State, Foreign Press Center’s Media Co-Op program. An upcoming documentary produced with Pakistani journalists through the Foreign Press Center will tell the story of Muslim communities in America. In the spring of 2017 she shot and produced a video promoting ATSC 3.0 technology for the National Association of Broadcasters. Sarah has produced over one hundred and fifty-six half-hours of educational content for The Great Courses, covering topics from science to literature and archaeology, and has credits on over forty documentaries for the History Channel, National Geographic Television, Biography, Planet Green, and Investigation Discovery. Sarah is a member of the New Media Council of the Producers Guild of America, a Supplier Member of the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce,  a Small Woman Owned Business in the state of Virginia, and a former Docs In Progress board member. Finally, she received a Masters of Fine Art in Film from American University in 2009 for which she received the Guy P. Gannett journalism scholarship from the Maine Community Foundation. Contact Sarah at sarah@katztale.com.
Current and past clients includes:
Marginal Revolution University 
Foreign Press Center contracted through   Meridian International Center and Dexis Consulting Group
Monda Media
Reading Success Plus
National Association of Broadcasters
734 Coffee
ATV Pakistan
Car and Bike, New Delhi Television
MetroTV, Indonesia
Howard Video
National Geographic
The Ciesla Foundation
International Information Programs Bureau, Department of State contracted through TechniArts and MetroStar Systems
The Great Courses
Pasternak Media
National Black Programming Consortium
Half Yard Productions
Sirens Media
Cortina Productions
National Geographic Channel International
Story House Productions
Lone Wolf Media
Visions in Action, Zimbabwe