Khabar24, Kazahstan Reports on Build San Antonio Green and PSW Real Estate

As part of the Foreign Press Center supported Future EnergyMedia Co-Op, Khabar24, Kazakhstan aired its most recent story on Build San Antonio Green and PSW Real Estate this week. Build San Antonio Green provides expertise in green standards and helps existing and new buildings gain green certification through projects like the Green Building Program, Bring  Solar Home, and Solar Fest. PSW Real Estate is an innovative real estate developer devoted to sustainable standards and mindful living.

The State Department sponsored Media Co-Op results from a partnership between Khabar24, the US Embassy in Astana, and US Foreign Press Center. Sarah Katz serves as the American field producer.

Khabar24, Kazakhstan – “Future Energy” Reporting Trip For Expo 2017

I just completed field production for a terrific reporting tour with journalists from Khabar24 news in Kazahstan. We toured Sacramento, Davis, and Berkeley, California and Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Not only did we succeed in getting compelling interviews about the robust renewable energy industries in California and Texas but we received a warm welcome at every stop. Khabar24‘s energy coverage will lead up to the World Expo 2017 in Astana. The reporting trip is a partnership between the Foreign Press Center at the US State Department, the US Embassy in Astana, and Khabar24.
Some of the many stops we made along the way include: