Muslims in America: A Documentary Film


MUSLIMS IN AMERICA, a collaboration with ATV, Pakistan journalists Tanveer Sardar and Nazia Tanveer Sardar Khan, the Foreign Press Center of the US Department of State and Producer, Sarah Katz will screen in Chicago at a yet to be determined date before the end of 2018. 

Please go here for a trailer and more information.

It is said that Muslims have been living in today’s America for centuries.

Documentary” Muslims in America” takes a glance at how Muslims from different walks of life living in America and looks back some of the contributions they have made over the centuries.

Muslim contributions; Coffee, cone ice-cream to engineering the tallest buildings like Sears towers, and Hancock center in Chicago , Muslims are now an integral part of America.

Prominent Muslims and non-Muslims speak freely on the aftermath of the events of 9/11 and Muslim ban slapped by current Trump Administration.

The documentary also explores on how these Muslims see their future living in America.

Foreign Press Center Media Co-Op: ATV, Islamabad Visits the Islamic Community Center of Lancaster, PA

In July I had the opportunity to field produce news stories for Pakistani journalists from ATV, the largest private broadcaster in the country. The tour was part of a Media Co-op partnership between the Foreign Press Center in Washington, the US Embassy in Pakistan, and ATV. We covered America under the early days of the Trump administration. During the first three days of the trip we heard perspectives in Washington from both conservative and progressive political groups like Our Revolution and the Tea Party Patriots. We interviewed religious leaders from the Minaret of Freedom Institute and the Washington Ethical Society about the social climate for immigrants and Muslims in the US. Later on, near Columbus, Ohio we spoke with Lancaster, Ohio’s Republican Mayor Dave Smith and toured the Village of Hebron with the Village Administrator Ralph Wise and the village Mayor Mike McFarland.


Below is a report from the Islamic Community Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The visit was facilitated thanks to the help of Iftekhar Hussain, a board member from the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Philadelphia. The Philadelphia area has one of the largest Muslim communities in the US.