Sacramento STEM Fair Featured in Khabar24, Kazakhstan “Future Energy” Story

Leading up to Expo 2017 starting next month in Astana, Khabar24 aired a segment on the Sacramento STEM Fair which occurred in March. Journalists interviewed students with projects on drought resistant soil, hydrogen based fuel, quantum levitation, and biofuels.
The State Department sponsored Media Co-Op is a partnership between Khabar24, the US Embassy in Astana, and the US Foreign Press Center. Sarah Katz served as the American Field Producer.

Elliott Ranch Elementary School Featured in Khabar24 “Future Energy” Media Co-Op

In the second part of the Future Energy series leading up to Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan, Khabar24 covers American elementary school STEM programs at Elliott Ranch Elementary School outside of Sacramento, California. The State Department sponsored Media Co-Op results from a partnership between Khabar24, the US Embassy in Astana, and US Foreign Press Center. Sarah Katz serves as the American field producer.